Work experience


In technical support : study, development and commissioning of several automation and industrial informatic projects for several customers in France and Belgium

Duration : 5 years

  • Concatenation of customer needs and standards on the automation part
  • Definition of the hardware and software architecture
  • Writting of organic analyzes
  • Study and programming of PLCs
  • Study and programming of SCADAs and HMIs
  • Programming of the following equipment: PLC, HMI, translation axis, electrical actuator
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

Technical environment :

  • Software : WinCC pro, Wonderware System Platform & Intouch, TIA portal V16 with Safety Advanced, Step 7 with S7 Distributed Safety, EcoStruxure Control Expert, SoMachine, PC Vue
  • Operating system : Windows 10, Windows Server + VMWare virtualization
    PLCs : Siemens S7-300 and 300F, S7-400H, S7-1500, S7-1500F, Schneider Electric M580
  • Networks : OPC UA, Ethernet, Profinet, Modbus TCP RS485, serial RS485 and RS232
  • Harware : Zebra industrial printer, Rheonik flowmeter, eWon, Lexium 32 speed controller, SMC electrical actuator, Firewall Siemens SC-600


Mecatronic products sub-assembly lines. On mission for Schneider Electric, industrialization service, Electropole site at Eybens (38 – France)

Duration : 3 years

  • Automation needs specification
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) needs specification
  • Suppliers follow-up
  • Qualification of the equipments
  • Support on site : users training and ramp up

Technical environment :

  • Software : OPC Factory Server, Unity pro, Vijeo Designer, So Machine, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Operating system : Windows 7
  • PLC : Schneider Electric Modicon (M580, TSX Premium, M221)
  • Network : Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Open TCP, Ethernet/IP


Development of several automation projects in the Grenoble region (38 – France). Icone employee in Noyarey (38 – France)

Duration : 1.5 year

  • Programming of standard, safety and redundant PLCs
  • Programming of SCADAs and HMIs
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

Technical environment :

  • Software : Step 7 v5.5 with S7 Distributed Safety V5.4, Wireshark, Codesys v2.3.9, Wago I/O Check, Drive Manager, PC Vue v6.04, Unity pro XL
  • Operating system : Windows 7
  • PLC : Siemens S7-300F + S7-400H, Wago 750-851, Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum, Siemens ET200S-F
  • Network : Ethernet, Profibus. CanOpen


Development of a production line for a chemical factory based in ChangShu (China), for Coatex company. Actemium employee in Dardilly (69 – France)

Duration : 6 months

  • Line and raw materials PLC programming : Standard function blocks instantiation, programming in association with the functional analysis
  • Draw the HMI synoptics
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) with the final customer

Technical environment :

  • Software : Unity pro, Wonderware Archestra Intouch, Val-Ent-In
  • Operating system : Windows XP, Windows 7 + VMWare virtualization
  • PLC : Schneider Electric Modicon TSX Quantum


eExploitation SCADA on mission for the EDF hydraulic engineering centre in Grenoble (38 – France). Automatique et Industrie employee in Moirans (38 – France)

Duration : 2 years

  • Development and deployment of the eExploitation SCADA of hydroelectric plants and dams in France.
  • Used of inputs/outputs Advantys STB modules, with ModBus TCP/IP communication
  • Write a merging document of the differences between 2 SCADA and propose new HMIs to the users
  • Draw synopctis for the hydroelectric plants and dams monitoring
  • Write documentations to respect a national standard
  • Draw the SCADA (named IMR) of the Nentilla (11 – France) hydroelectric plan

Technical environment :

  • Software : Unity pro, PL7 v3, Coopernic, SVN, trac, ISIS HMI, eExploitation configurator
  • Operating system : Windows XP, Linux (CentOS 5)
  • PLC : Telemecanique (7-range and Premium)


Continuous improvement of the packaging workshop of a food processing factory. ROYAL CANIN employee in Cambrai (59 – France)

Duration : 10 months

  • Failures analyse of the 7 packaging lines to improve the productivity (for example : dependences between equipments)
  • Install Axis cameras to film the palletisers output
  • Develop a vision system the check the packaging before bagging
  • Add a new Magelis XBT panel in Unitelway communication with a TSX 7-range PLC

Technical environment :

  • Softwate : PL7-pro, PL7 v3, RSLogix 5000, Cx-Programmer, XBT-L1000, Intouch
  • Operating system : Windows (XP et NT), OS/2
  • PLC : Telemecanique (7-range and Premium), Omron (CQM1 range), AllenBradley (ControlLogix)
  • Network : serial communication, Unitelway
  • Hardware : XBT Magelis panels, Sensopart FA45 vision sensor, IP Axis cameras


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